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I would love the guy forever lol

Top 12 Things a GOOD Boyfriend Does


12) Holds your hand whenever he possibly can.

11) Puts his arms around your waist and whispers in your ear.

10) Kisses you every chance he gets.

9) Holds you close when your cold.

8) When you are alone-holds you close and KISSES you.

7) Kisses you on the tip of your nose (it will give you the hint that he wants to kiss you.)

6) While in the movies, puts his arm around you and then you'll automatically put your head on his shoulder then he'll lean in and tilt your chin and kiss you lightly.

5) When you complain that your neck hurts he'll massage it for you.

4) When people diss you he stands up for you.

3) Looks deep into your eyes and TELLS you he loves you or that you are adorable.

2) Lays down under the stars with you and puts your head on his chest so you can listen to the steady beat of his heart and link your fingers together while he whispers to you as you rest your eyes and listen to his voice.

1) Open all doors for you (it makes you feel so special!!!)


Aww how cute!!!!!!

How true is all of that! That would be the perfect Boyfriend!!!